Permanent Resident Employment Visas

U.S. Department of Labor has instituted a new electronic visa process. The employer may bring in a foreign national to fill a position if the employer can demonstrate that no qualified Americans are available to fill the position. In the past, certification took up to six years, rendering the process extremely frustrating. The new process – now called PERM – uses an electronic filing system that can result in issuance of a labor certification in three to six months. However, it may still take a number of years for the labor certification holder to obtain a green card:

  • Under the current scheme, if the job requires at least two years of experience or a college education, the process will take approximately three years.
  • However, If the job requires a bachelors degree and five years of progressive experience, or otherwise a masters degree, then it is possible that the case will take 1- 1.5 years. Please note that these time frames vary on a month-to-month basis.

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