Family Visas and Family Immigration: Bringing Families Together

Uniting families. It’s satisfying work.

The first family visa case for J. Bruce Weinman, Esq., was for a very special client: his wife! He personally experienced the frustration of the immigration process. He saw others applying for green cards who didn’t understand the process, and he resolved to prevent them from being taken advantage of and made to feel inadequate. That first case gave him a perspective on the family immigration process that, as a lawyer, he has never forgotten.

Attorney Weinman has provided comprehensive immigration counseling to clients for more than 35 years. At our firm, we understand the challenges and concerns our clients face. We know the immigration system does not have your best interests in mind. We do and we will help our clients obtain green cards and visas to keep their families together.

You will benefit from our personalized service as well as from Attorney Weinman’s dedication to each of his clients. Contact us today to discuss your family visa matter.

You may apply to obtain a green card for a family member whether you are a United States Citizen (USC) or lawful permanent resident (LPR). In either case, you are known as the “petitioner.” Relatives are divided into different “preference categories,” except for the immediate relatives of USCs, which are parents, spouses, and unmarried children under 21. There is no waiting list for immediate relatives. The preference categories have a backlog. The preference categories include:

  • First preference: unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. Citizens
  • Second preference: spouses and children of Permanent Residents and unmarried sons and daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Residents
  • Third preference: married sons and daughters of USCs
  • Fourth preference: siblings of USCs

These family visa petitions may become very complicated, as the following true story illustrates:

Our client divorced his wife in Korea, and came to the U.S. He married a United States Citizen and received permanent residence status. He then divorced his U.S. wife and remarried his Korean ex-wife. The client petitioned to bring his remarried wife over from Korea on a family visa. While it took quite an effort, we were successful in convincing the government application examiner that the entire process was not a fraudulent scheme.

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