Representation For Those Fleeing Their Homeland

Not all immigration decisions are made for employment or family reasons. Sometimes a person needs to flee their home country due to abuse, crime or war. Our humanitarian immigration lawyer, J. Bruce Weinman, Esq., fully understands these difficult immigration challenges and is ready to advocate for you.

With decades of experience helping others come to the United States, we know the legal system and how to handle cases of those seeking asylum or refugee status. Let us help you with our attentive service and compassionate representation. Call now.

Seeking Asylum Or Refugee Status

We can aggressively advocate for you before immigration courts to help pursue your safety on U.S. soil. The first step is to come in for an initial review of your circumstances.

Please speak with our highly skilled immigration attorney include If you are:

  • An asylum seeker due to religious, social or political persecution in your native country
  • Detained and charged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pending a deportation proceeding
  • A battered spouse, child or parent
  • A victim of crime eligible for a U Visa

We care deeply about the freedom of immigrants and those seeking asylum and handle the full spectrum of United States immigration matters. We will answer any question you have and walk you through each step of the process to make sure things are done right. Our goal is to solve your immigration issue so you can feel safe in the United States.

What Is Humanitarian Parole?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) can authorize what is known as “humanitarian parole” to enter the U.S. for individuals who may be ineligible otherwise.

The requirements to apply for this parole include:

  • Suffering from a critical medical condition
  • Attending the funeral of close family member
  • Acting as a legislative, judicial or administrative witness
  • Being released in the interest of the public

A grant of this type allows foreigners who have not been able to obtain a visa for another reason, to come to the U.S. in the case of an emergency or because of public interest reasons. This type of parole typically takes less time than applying for a visitor visa, which is essential if you are visiting a dying family member or need urgent medical treatment.

If you are in distress, we will be your strongest ally. Let us use our knowledge and skills to help you achieve your immigration goals.

Talk To An Immigration Lawyer Who Understands; Call Today

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