Visas For Immediate Family Members

The immigration process can be confusing for people who do not deal with these laws and procedures on a daily basis. Attorney J. Bruce Weinman, Esq., has firsthand experience with how overwhelming this process can be. He has compassion for clients enduring the frustrations of U.S. immigration procedures and is dedicated to helping them get through the process as efficiently as possible.

We take the frustration out of the visa application process. Contact us to talk with an attorney about your family immigration needs.

Our attorney has provided comprehensive immigration counseling to clients for more than 35 years. At our firm, we understand the challenges and concerns our clients face. We know the immigration system does not have your best interests in mind. We do and we will help our clients obtain green cards and visas to keep their families together.

Our family immigration practice includes obtaining visas for immediate family members of U.S. citizens (spouses and children), relatives of citizens and legal permanent residents and fiancés of citizens or legal permanent residents.

Spouse Visas and Other Immediate Family Visas

While there are only a limited number of most family visas available each year, there are an unlimited amount of visas for immediate relatives (spouse, children or parents) of U.S. citizens. Visas for immediate relatives include:

  • Spouse visas (IR-1) for spouses of U.S. citizens
  • Children visas (IR-2) for unmarried children (under 21) of U.S. citizens
  • Adoption visas (IR-3 or IR-4) for children adopted or about to be adopted by a U.S. citizen
  • Parent visas (IR-5) for parents of children who are U.S. citizens over the age of 21

We provide legal help with visa applications for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens as well as other immigration assistance. Clients come to us from throughout the United States and internationally.

If a family member is not classified as an immediate relative of a citizen, he or she may still be sponsored for a family-based visa under one of the family-based preference categories or other family visa options.

For experienced legal help with obtaining a visa for your spouse, child or other family member, contact J. Bruce Weinman, Esq. We offer free consultations by phone or in-office. We also respond to e-mail inquiries. We offer free consultations by phone or in-office. We will also respond to e-mail inquiries.

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