You Can Become A United States Citizen

One of the most rewarding aspects of our law practice is helping people realize their immigration and citizenship goals here in the U.S. We take great pride in helping people obtain citizenship status, and we work with clients throughout New York and across the world.

We can help you determine if you meet the requirements for naturalization and will walk you through the process. For more than 35 years, Manhattan citizenship attorney J. Bruce Weinman, Esq., has helped clients become citizens and deal with a wide range of other immigration matters.

Attorney Weinman has provided comprehensive immigration counseling to clients for more than 35 years. He understands the challenges and concerns our clients face. We know the immigration system does not have your best interests in mind. We do and we will help our clients obtain green cards and visas to keep their families together.

The Six Prerequisites To U.S. Citizenship

Becoming a U.S. citizen depends on meeting the requirements and completing the process correctly. We understand the immigration laws and know what is needed to be successful in the process. Generally, the requirements are:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have lived here for three years with a green card obtained through marriage to an American Citizen and the applicant is still residing with the U.S. citizen; otherwise 5 years.
  • You cannot have any criminal convictions.
  • You have paid your taxes.
  • You can read, write and speak basic English.
  • You must pass the U.S. Citizenship Test.

If there are other factors that might affect your citizenship status, we will review those with you and develop a plan for how to overcome any obstacles.

Start Down The Path Of Calling America Your Own

You want to become a citizen, so start the process today. Set up your free consultation with a call to the firm at 212-947-3370 or contact us online. We are available Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and special appointments can be arranged. Installment payments and credit cards are accepted.